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Ted Nugent Trolls Fox News Panel: 'All Lives Matter! Are You Brain-Dead?'
August 16th, 2017, 05:23 PM

During a panel discussion on Trump's nightmarish press conference Tuesday, Ted Nugent jumped in and yelled at the co-hosts who were not defending Trump, got upset and told them if they find fault with his words they're "brain dead."

Nugent mimicked the president's words from Monday's statement to mock them and he yelled "We condemn all violence, that's what President Trump said and all lives matter, if you don't agree with that, you are a racist!"

Host Eboni Williams and Katherine Timpf of the Fox News Specialists, had on three Trump super surrogates today to defend him. Lena Epstein, who was Trump's co-chair in Michigan, talk show host David Webb and Ted Nugent.

Both Timpf and Williams were still upset over Trump's malignant press conference, but David Webb started off by saying they wouldn't like what he had to say and they didn't.

Epstein, who is running for Congress made a crazy claim when she said as a Jewish woman she's against all the hate, but then not only apologized for Trump, transported into another reality with Rick and Morty and said, "I also support a president who has come off strongly against racism and bigotry and violence."

I wish they had an ejector seat after that comment.

Eboni and Kat were strong throughout as they pushed back against the "alternative facters" who adorned their set.

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CBO: If Trump Cuts CSR Payments, Premiums Jump By 20%, Deficit Increases (UPDATED)
August 16th, 2017, 05:23 PM
CBO: If Trump Cuts CSR Payments, Premiums Jump By 20%, Deficit Increases (UPDATED)

Donald Trump's ego is costing us all a lot of money, and his attacks on Obamacare are only one example. The NY Times reports on the new CBO findings of what will happen if Trump cuts the payments that keep insurance premiums stable:

WASHINGTON — Premiums for the most popular health insurance plans would shoot up 20 percent next year, and federal budget deficits would increase by $194 billion in the coming decade if President Trump carries out his threat to end certain subsidies paid to insurance companies for the benefit of low-income people, the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday.

The subsidies reimburse insurers for reducing deductibles, co-payments and other out-of-pocket costs that low-income people pay when they visit doctors, fill prescriptions or receive care in hospitals.

Even before efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act collapsed in the Senate last month, Mr. Trump began threatening to cut off the subsidies, called cost-sharing reductions. He said the health care law would “implode” and Democrats would have no choice but to negotiate a replacement plan. Mr. Trump described his strategy as, “Let Obamacare implode, then deal.”

The nonpartisan budget office has now quantified the cost of the threats.

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Shep Smith: Fox News Bookers Failed To Find A Republican Willing To Defend Trump
August 16th, 2017, 05:23 PM

Fox News' Shepard Smith told Philip Bump of the Washington Post that the network tried to bring on a Republican politician who would defend Trump's despicable press conference, but none accepted their invitation.

Shepard Smith opened his show with a detailed report about yesterday's malignant Trump press conference and how even Democrats and Republican are uniting against the president "after his reprehensible comments about Charlottesville."

After a report from Trump Tower, Smith brought on Philip Bump of the Post to dish on how the White house insiders are feeling after they witnessed Trump's debacle.

He reported that many were taken aback by Trump's comments and said, "There aren't people out there defending President Trump beyond the white nationalists and the racists that were part of this rally."

Bump continued, "We are not really hearing from people that are actually standing in support of him, including from within the White House."

Shep Smith then broke some news.

Smith said, "We, our booking team and they're good, reached out to Republicans of all stripes across the country today. Let's be honest, Republicans often don't really mind coming on Fox News Channel. We couldn't get anyone to come and defend him here because we thought in balance someone should do that."

"We worked very hard at it throughout the day and we were unsuccessful," Smith said.

Wow, just wow.

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Fox Pundit Bursts Into Tears Trying To Defend Trump's Words
August 16th, 2017, 05:23 PM
Fox Pundit Bursts Into Tears Trying To Defend Trump's Words

Fox News' Melissa Francis broke down in tears as she tried to defend Trump's defense of right wing fascist hate groups while debating with Juan Williams on Fox News' Outnumbered.

There are many tears being shed on Fox News today because you really have to be a callous, racist a-hole to defend Trump's batsh*t crazy press conference on Tuesday.

Juan Williams was the #OneLuckyGuy this morning and he tore into the president's remarks.

Williams said, "Then you get the response from people like David Duke, and Richard Spenceris saying thank you Mr. President, we know -- it's unbelievable to me. I think back and picking up on what Senator Blumenthal just said, I think back, you know, people who fought in World War II against Nazis, in a U.S. uniform did not want to hear 'both sides' have something to say here. People who slammed the planes into the buildings..."

Francis cut in, "[Trump] didn't say both sides have something to say, he said both sides have blame."

Williams, "I don't think that both sides have blame."

Francis tried to defend Trump's blaming "both sides" for the violence in Charlottesville.

Williams, "If you're a patriot and you show up for American values and say it is wrong to be racist and to stand outside of synagogue with automatic machine guns and scare the Jewish people inside, I think that's not to be equivocal."

Francis said Trump wasn't trying to be equivocal, but he was, Melissa.

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Trump Disbands Business Councils After Members Resign In Droves
August 16th, 2017, 05:23 PM

As Donald Trump's White House Business Councils began to disintegrate after he normalized Nazis yesterday, he was faced with the prospect of seeing them dissolve, or dissolving them himself.

He chose the latter.

After the Campbell's Soup CEO became the sixth CEO to quit his manufacturing council, Trump tweeted this:

I'm old enough to remember that just yesterday, he bragged that he had lots of replacements for anyone who resigned.

Charlottesville Nazi Cries Like A Baby At Prospect Of Arrest
August 16th, 2017, 05:23 PM
Charlottesville Nazi Cries Like A Baby At Prospect Of Arrest

Christopher Cantwell talks big when he's in control of the narrative. In an interview with Hatewatch, Cantwell bragged that his goal is to "normalize racism."

“I'm going to make a commercial enterprise out of saying things that people want to make illegal," Cantwell continued. "I'm going to make a whole fucking bunch of money doing it. Anybody who gets in my way is going to find themselves in a very long list of people who regretted underestimating me.”

Cantwell was also caught on camera by Vice News while shooting their documentary about the Charlottesville Nazi invasion. In that video, he bragged about having a pistol and readying himself for violence, which is a thing he supports as long as he faces no personal risk. “We’re not non-violent, we’ll fcking kill these people if we have to," he declared.

He also shares his horror with Vice News over Ivanka Trump's marriage to a Jew. "I don't think you could feel the way I do about race, and watch that Kushner bastard walk around with that beautiful girl," he snarls.

Cantwell is a big talker, except when he's facing the consequences of his hateful actions. Then he cries like a bitty baby.

In his best performance yet, he made a video of himself blubbering about being afraid he's going to be arrested. Boo-fcking-hoo.

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Fox News' Jesse Watters: Trump Was 'Brave And Honest' During Batsh*t Presser
August 16th, 2017, 05:23 PM

Jesse Watters, co-host of The Five, opened the show by playing clips from Trump's batsh*t and very destructive impromptu presser conference and then described the president as being "brave and honest."

I kid you not.

How despicable do you have to be to utter those word after watching Trump defend white supremacists and anti-Semites yesterday?

Watters opened the show, "President Trump has taken fire from critics on the left and the right for three days over his initial response to the white nationalist violence in Charlottesville on Saturday. Today he fired back in a combative news conference at Trump Tower."

And so he did, only he became the official spokesperson for the white supremacy movement in America.

Fox News played a clip of an angry Trump yelling "fake news" at an off camera Jim Acosta as he blamed the left as much as the right for the violence at the neo-Nazi protest.

After the clip ended, Watters said, "He didn't stop there."

Cut to Trump presser defending the very innocent and nice anti-Semites and KKK members.

"There were people protesting very quietly, the taking down of the statue of Robert E Lee. I'm sure in that group there were some bad ones, the following day it looked like they had some rough, bad people. neo-Nazi, white nationalists, whatever you want to call them, " Trump said.

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Heather Heyer's Mom: 'If I Have To Give Her Up, We're Going To Make It Count!'
August 16th, 2017, 05:23 PM

Just days after losing her daughter to a Nazi in a car, Heather Heyer's mother, Susan Bro, offered this eulogy at her memorial service.

It's not hard to see where Heyer got her passion. I don't think I would have the strength to do what she did so soon after losing my daughter, but her words will resonate for a long time to come.

Her eulogy was a call to action, something her daughter would have wanted. The transcript is below.

My child's famous Facebook post was, "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

She paid attention. She made a lot of us pay attention. Oh, my gosh, dinner with her, we knew it was going to be an ordeal of listening. And conversation. And perhaps disagreement, but it was going to happen.

And so my husband would say, okay, I'm going to go out in the car and play on my video game for a while and we would sit and grill and she and I would talk and I would listen and we would negotiate and I would listen and we talked about all the stuff.

We talked about politics. We talked about anything that caught her eye that she felt was fair, unfair, she would talk about her feelings about the office, and how things were going. She just talked. The girl loved to talk and she was single, so there was nobody to listen at home, so mama got a lot of it. And that was wonderful.

You never think you're going to bury your child. You never think to take those pictures, they ask me for pictures for this and I struggled.

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Baltimore Removes 4 Confederate Statues In The Dead Of Night
August 16th, 2017, 05:23 PM

Baltimore was not about to let their city be overrun by Nazis in a violent rally like what occurred in Charlottesville over the weekend.

City Council voted unanimously on Monday to remove all 4 confederate statues but there was no timeline set on when they would be removed. Well, that timeline must have been set pretty fast because less than 48 hours after the resolution passed, all 4 were removed in the dead of night.

City crews began to remove the statues at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday and finished around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. Few knew about it, but here are the photos as the removal progressed.

Jim Acosta: We Saw Trump's True Colors: White Hoods And Swastikas
August 16th, 2017, 05:23 PM

Jim Acosta was front and center at today's absolutely horrific press conference and his interview with Don Lemon directly following was pretty straight forward: Trump showed his true colors.

Lemon: Jim, I don't know how you do it. I mean --

Acosta: Yeah.

Lemon: What was that go back and have an elementary history lesson.

Acosta: It was disturbing, Don. I think we saw the President's true colors today. I'm not sure they were red, white, and blue. The White House put out some talking points tonight. This is what they say: The President was entirely correct, both sides of the violence in Charlottesville acted inappropriately and bear some responsibility, there's another one that says he has been a voice for unity and calm. This is Alice in Wonderland stuff. How the White House can put out talking points saying the President was in the right just, it's baffling. It's strange. But they are right in one respect - he has united the country - against the views that he espoused today, which were right there on the edge of White Nationalism.

Lemon: I was watching today with my colleagues here at CNN and listening to you trying to get in and him saying again, disparaging things about the media.

Acosta: Right.