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Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Chameleon Presidency
April 23rd, 2017, 01:02 PM

MOAB sounds more like an incestuous, war-torn biblical kingdom than the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, aka “the mother of all bombs...”

Tomgram: Michael Klare, Do African Famines Presage Global Climate-Change Catastrophe?
April 20th, 2017, 01:02 PM

Not since World War II have more human beings been at risk from disease and starvation than at this very moment...

Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Remind Us How This Ends...
April 18th, 2017, 01:02 PM

Make no mistake: after 15 years of losing wars, spreading terror movements, and multiplying failed states across the Greater Middle East, America will fight the next versions of our ongoing wars...

Tomgram: Ira Chernus, Love Trumps Domination (Without the Combover)
April 16th, 2017, 01:02 PM

You could hear the deep sadness in the preacher’s voice as he named “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government..."

Tomgram: William Astore, From Deterrence to Doomsday?
April 13th, 2017, 01:02 PM

What does an “America-first” foreign policy look like under President Donald Trump...

Tomgram: Mattea Kramer, Road Rules, or Rediscovering My Country from Cuban Soil
April 11th, 2017, 01:02 PM

I’ll tell you up front that my personal vehicle has crowns of rust on the rear wheel wells and an interior that smells vaguely of dog puke...

Tomgram: Dahr Jamail, Alaska in the Crosshairs
April 9th, 2017, 01:02 PM

It’s war in the Gulf and the U.S. Navy is on hand to protect us...

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Believe the Autocrat
April 6th, 2017, 01:02 PM

When George W. Bush and Dick Cheney launched their forever wars -- under the banner of a “Global War on Terror” -- they unleashed an unholy trinity of tactics...

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Teflon Wars
April 4th, 2017, 01:02 PM

On successive days recently, I saw two museum shows that caught something of a lost American world and seemed eerily relevant in the Age of Trump...

Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, Would-Be Strongmen Worldwide
April 2nd, 2017, 01:02 PM

In 2016, something extraordinary happened in the politics of diverse countries around the world...

Tomgram: Rajan Menon, Making America Insecure Again
March 30th, 2017, 01:02 PM

Donald Trump’s supporters believe that his election will end business as usual in Washington...

Tomgram: John Dower, Body Count for the American Century
March 28th, 2017, 01:02 PM

On February 17, 1941, almost 10 months before Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, Life magazine carried a lengthy essay by its publisher, Henry Luce, entitled “The American Century”...

Tomgram: Jon Else, Eyes on the Prize 2017
March 26th, 2017, 01:02 PM

On a glorious afternoon in August 1963, after the massive March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom wrapped up on the national mall, President John F. Kennedy, prodded by Attorney General Robert Kennedy, welcomed John Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr., Bayard Rustin, and other march organizers to the White House for a discussion of proposed civil rights legislation...

Best of TomDispatch: Engelhardt, The 16th Anniversary of American Cowardice
March 23rd, 2017, 01:02 PM

It’s true that, last week, few in Congress cared to discuss, no less memorialize, the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq...

Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, Words Not to Die For
March 21st, 2017, 01:02 PM

By way of explaining his eight failed marriages, the American bandleader Artie Shaw once remarked,  “I am an incurable optimist...”

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Walled In
March 16th, 2017, 01:02 PM

If you want to know where President Donald Trump came from, if you want to trace the long winding road (or escalator) that brought him to the Oval Office, don’t look to reality TV or Twitter or even the rise of the alt-right...

Tomgram: Michael Klare, Winning World War II in the Twenty-First Century
March 14th, 2017, 01:02 PM

If you are an American male of a certain age -- Donald Trump’s age, to be exact -- you are likely to have vivid memories of Victory at Sea, the Emmy award-winning NBC documentary series about the U.S. Navy in World War II that aired from October 1952 to May 1953...

Tomgram: John Feffer, Next Stop: The Deconstruction Zone
March 12th, 2017, 01:02 PM

Dystopias have recently achieved full-spectrum dominance. Kids are drawn to such stories -- The Giver, Hunger Games -- like Goths to piercings...

Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Surging to Failure
March 9th, 2017, 01:02 PM

The other day, I found myself flipping through old photos from my time in Iraq...

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, War Without End
March 7th, 2017, 01:02 PM

In his inaugural address, President Trump described a dark and dismal United States, a country overrun by criminal gangs and drugs, a nation stained with the blood seeping from bullet-ridden corpses left at scenes of “American carnage”...

Tomgram: William Hartung, The Generals vs. the Ideologues or the Generals and the Ideologues?
March 5th, 2017, 01:02 PM

In the splurge of “news,” media-bashing, and Bannonism that’s been Donald Trump’s domestic version of a shock-and-awe campaign, it’s easy to forget just how much of what the new president and his administration have done so far is simply an intensification of trends long underway...

Tomgram: Karen Greenberg, The Forever Prisoners of Guantanamo
March 2nd, 2017, 01:02 PM

In the spring of 2016, I asked a student of mine to do me a favor and figure out which day would be the 100th before Barack Obama’s presidency ended...

Tomgram: William Astore, In Afghanistan, America's Biggest Foe Is Self-Deception
February 28th, 2017, 01:02 PM


Tomgram: Engelhardt, A Trumpian Snapshot of America
February 26th, 2017, 01:02 PM

It’s been epic...

Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, At the Altar of American Greatness
February 23rd, 2017, 01:02 PM

Apart from being a police officer, firefighter, or soldier engaged in one of this nation’s endless wars, writing a column for a major American newspaper has got to be one of the toughest and most unforgiving jobs there is...