Street Art’s Tropical Spray Into Tahiti: ONO’U Murals Wow
October 19th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The Completed Murals from Okuda, Felipe Pantone, Astro, FinDAC, MrZL & Kalouf
The ‘Casting Couch’ Euphemism Lets Us Pretend Hollywood’s All Right
October 18th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The phrase that gives us permission to ignore sexual harassment.
School District Scrubs ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Because It Makes People ‘Uncomfortable’
October 16th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"If 'To Kill a Mockingbird' makes you uncomfortable, you should probably be reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird.'"
Ai Weiwei Believes The U.S. Has Hit A Low When It Comes To Human Rights
October 13th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The artist is behind "Human Flow," a documentary on the global refugee crisis, released against the backdrop of the Trump administration.
Chinese Museum Removes Photo Series Comparing Black People To Animals
October 13th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The shocking images juxtapose photos of black Africans with those of lions, chimpanzees, giraffes, leopards and baboons.
Get To Know The Artists Painting The Obamas’ Official Portraits
October 13th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald are the first black artists hired by the Smithsonian to paint a president and first lady.
Harvey Weinstein’s Hachette Imprint Is Shutting Down
October 12th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The staff and book contracts of Weinstein Books will be absorbed by Hachette Books.
A Banjo Player From North Carolina Is Writing The Next ‘Hamilton’
October 11th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Newly dubbed MacArthur "Genius" Rhiannon Giddens wants to bring one of the most overlooked moments in American history to the stage.
Viet Thanh Nguyen Is The Pro-Refugee Voice America Needs To Hear
October 11th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"Those of us who are refugees and immigrants or who support them, we have to use every tool at our disposal, including our writing."
MacArthur Foundation Announces Its 2017 Class Of ‘Geniuses’
October 11th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Says The American Left ‘Is Creating Its Own Decline’
October 9th, 2017, 07:42 PM
“The left is very cannibalistic. It eats its own.”
Ava DuVernay Says She Regrets Giving Up On ‘Selma’ Writing Credit
October 8th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"It’s the only time in the industry I feel I really betrayed myself."
Tom Gauld’s Deceptively Simple Comics Hold A Mirror To Human Hypocrisies
October 7th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Politics, classic literature — nothing is safe.
How AIM Became A Secular Confessional Box For A Generation Of Teens
October 6th, 2017, 07:42 PM
We were kids, and we were having a lot of hormonal feelings, and we knew we needed to talk about it. AIM just made it easy.
A Year After Bob Dylan, Kazuo Ishiguro Gets The Nobel Back On Track
October 5th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The Nobel Committee could hardly have selected a better winner to wash away the embarrassing awkwardness of last year’s prize.
Tights, Tutus and ‘Relentless’ Teasing: Inside Ballet’s Bullying Epidemic
October 5th, 2017, 07:42 PM
“If this were not the arts, it would be considered a child health crisis.”
How A Civil War Podcast Became Urgent Listening In Today’s America
October 4th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"Uncivil" hosts Chenjerai Kumanyika and Jack Hitt throw the book at traditional history narratives.
Two Photographers On Bringing Local Stories To Our Nation's Attention
October 4th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The 2017 National Book Award Finalists Are Here
October 4th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The shortlists in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry and Young People's Literature are mixed between fresh faces and established heavy hitters.
Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey Hangs In The Same Museum As ‘Starry Night’
October 4th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The piece of clothing has become a symbol of civil rights activism fit for the Museum of Modern Art.
The Louvre Pulls ‘Explicit’ Sculpture Of Two Buildings Getting Busy
October 3rd, 2017, 07:42 PM
The artist behind the work calls the decision "total hypocrisy."
One Neighborhood's Short Film Festival Reflects A Greater, Unstable World
October 3rd, 2017, 07:42 PM
The Improbable Story Of ‘American Girl,’ Tom Petty’s Biggest Non-Hit
October 3rd, 2017, 07:42 PM
The single failed to chart when it came out in the late 1970s. Today, its Florida-based mythology lives on.
Experts Believe Leonardo Da Vinci Traced The ‘Mona Lisa’ From This Nude Drawing
September 29th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Another day, another "Mona Lisa" mystery. The woman sure knows how to maintain her mystique.
Librarian Rejects Melania Trump’s Gift Of Dr. Seuss Books
September 29th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"My school doesn’t have a NEED for these books."
Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Reinforced The Idea That Great Literature Is A Male Interest
September 29th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The cultured lens of Playboy created a new space for literary life ― one with no particular interest in welcoming female readers.
50-Year-Old Photos Reveal The Inside Of Hugh Hefner’s Notorious Home
September 28th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Step inside the late Playboy mogul's James Bond-esque Chicago mansion.
Before Boobs Were A Design Trend, Nicola L. Made Quite The Feminist Body Of Art
September 28th, 2017, 07:42 PM
At 80 years old, the artist is being honored with her first museum retrospective.
NYC’s Next ‘I Voted’ Sticker Will Honor The Women Of The Suffrage Movement
September 27th, 2017, 07:42 PM
One of these designs will appear on lapels everywhere this fall.
Marlon James’s ‘A Brief History Of Seven Killings’ Is Coming To Amazon
September 26th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"Insecure" director Melina Matsoukas will helm the series.
Vermibus: Ad Busting In Barcelona, Catalonia’s Desire To Secede From Spain
September 26th, 2017, 07:42 PM
“I had met the Berlin-based Vermibus personally at the 1st edition of Urvanity Contemporary art fair this year. Everything
Guggenheim Pulls Controversial Animal-Related Art After Threats Of Violence
September 26th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The pieces featured live reptiles and video footage of dogs strapped to treadmills.
National Book Foundation’s 5 Under 35 Honorees Are Writers To Watch
September 25th, 2017, 07:42 PM
If you haven’t yet checked out these five debuts, consider this an invitation.
Museum Under Fire For Show With Live Reptiles, Film Of Dogs Strapped To Treadmills
September 23rd, 2017, 07:42 PM
Animal welfare activists are accusing the New York City museum of cruelty.
Watch Actors Transform Into Living Van Gogh Paintings Before Your Eyes
September 22nd, 2017, 07:42 PM
The mesmerizing stills are from the upcoming, entirely painted biopic "Loving Vincent."
Jay Duplass On Why Straight, Cis Men Need ‘Transparent,’ Too
September 22nd, 2017, 07:42 PM
The actor talks being a minority on set and why Josh's constant crying is a good thing.
Moroccan Artist Meriem Bennani Offers An Absurd Antidote To Fake News
September 21st, 2017, 07:42 PM
Her work is a mix of America’s Funniest Home Videos and David Lynch.
What Happens When A Big-Name Author Is Sued For Copyright Infringement
September 21st, 2017, 07:42 PM
An unpublished author's lawsuit against "The Art of Fielding" author Chad Harbach has gone public, but his day in court is yet to come.
Naked Decision: Hot Tea & Bad Dreams at UN Opening in Berlin
September 21st, 2017, 07:42 PM
Your axonometric tagging goes across the painting that is in the museum with thread and needles rather than yarn. Is this
Hillary Clinton’s Book Sets Sales Records, Despite Calls For Her To ‘Shut Up’
September 20th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Over 300,000 copies later, readers were apparently more than eager to listen to what the former presidential candidate had to say.
Crossword Writer Slips Rape Joke Into Multiple Major Newspapers
September 20th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Timothy Parker was already a polarizing name before this week’s puzzle.
Racists Flip Out Over Artist’s ‘Harry Potter’ Picture With Black Hermione
September 20th, 2017, 07:42 PM
But illustrator Anoosha Syed had the final word.
The Tech Bros Will Not Save You
September 20th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Four 2017 novels disrupt our obsession with Silicon Valley, and our romance with capitalism.
Zadie Smith Thinks We Should ‘Retain The Right To Be Wrong’
September 19th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"I have seen on Twitter [...] people have a feeling at 9 a.m. quite strongly, and then by 11 have been shouted out of it," the author said. "That part, I find really unfortunate."
Merriam-Webster Isn’t Trolling You, It’s Just Redefining What That Means
September 18th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Women’s Stories Won The Emmys In 2017
September 18th, 2017, 07:42 PM
It wasn't a perfect night, but like Reese Witherspoon said, let's continue to "bring women to the front of their own stories."
Canoe Found After Hurricane Irma May Be Hundreds Of Years Old
September 17th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The dugout canoe is believed to have surfaced from the bottom of the Indian River, along Florida's east coast.
The 10 Books Longlisted For A National Book Award For Fiction
September 15th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Add these books to your must-read pile!
The 2017 Emmys Belong To Ann Dowd, Peak TV’s Greatest Secret Weapon
September 15th, 2017, 07:42 PM
One last reminder that the actress, up for two acting Emmys in two separate series this year, has long been a key ingredient to television success.
Twitter Calls Out Museum Curator For Saying Asian Names Are ‘Confusing’
September 14th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The British Museum apologized and said their initial tweet addressed single objects with multiple Asian names.
Meet The Queer, Anti-Fascist Woman Behind The Freakishly Lovable 'Moomins'
September 14th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The 10 Incendiary Nonfiction Books Up For A National Book Award
September 14th, 2017, 07:42 PM
This is a politically timely array of histories, investigations, and polemics you won't want to miss.
Jeffrey Tambor Still Doesn’t Feel ‘Entitled’ To Play A Trans Woman
September 14th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"That’s a pressure everyday," the actor said ahead of the Season 4 premiere of "Transparent."
The Hero Of ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’ Was Originally Black
September 13th, 2017, 07:42 PM
But Roald Dahl's agent persuaded him to make Charlie Bucket white.
Here Are 10 Powerful Poets You Should Be Reading This Fall
September 13th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Many of these poets use their work to explore identities and unpack the traumas suffered by marginalized groups.
The Nigerian Artist Drawing Exuberantly Plump And Pampered Nudes
September 12th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Uthman Wahaab’s “Phenomenal Woman” celebrates "'different bodies' that aren't actually that different.'"
Hillary Clinton’s Supporters Don’t Want Her To Shut Up
September 12th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"She lost the election, but she’s still writing this book and she’s still here."
Here Are 10 Acclaimed Books Every Young Reader Should Pick Up This Fall
September 12th, 2017, 07:42 PM
These 10 brilliant new titles feature a panoply of diverse characters and stories.
Why This Artist Hangs His Paintings On Abandoned Buildings
September 12th, 2017, 07:42 PM
His home city of St. Louis has a huge number of rundown, uninhabited buildings.
Hemingway’s Cats Rode Out Hurricane Irma In A Limestone Fortress
September 11th, 2017, 07:42 PM
After hunkering down in their Key West home, the six- and seven-toed creatures are safe and sound.
Abusive, Cartoonish, Obscene: How Kara Walker Painted Trump’s America
September 11th, 2017, 07:42 PM
In 1997, an artist called her work "revolting." Twenty years later, Walker's brutal depictions of racism look all too familiar.
Newly Discovered Kurt Vonnegut Stories Arrive In The Nick Of Time
September 10th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The Trailer For The New Six-Hour Margaret Atwood Miniseries Is Here
September 8th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Let the murder mystery begin.
Poignant New Street Art Shows Little Boy Playing On U.S.-Mexico Border
September 7th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"Is this boy looking over the border worried that if things get crazier on the other side, people will massively cross the border in his direction?"
Library Refuses To Move Gay Kids’ Book After ‘Family’ Group Objects
September 6th, 2017, 07:42 PM
A parent argued "the library is not providing a safe place for children to explore children’s books.”
In A World That’s Stranger Than Fiction, Are Americans Still Reading Books?
September 6th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Publishers claim Trump is affecting book sales. The reality might more complicated.
‘Bambi’ Artist Who Endured America’s Racism Finally Gets His Due
September 6th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The late Tyrus Wong, whose paintings formed the basis of Disney's iconic film, is finally receiving the recognition he deserves.
Two Millennials Recreated ‘Annie Hall’ With A Cast Of Senior Actors
September 5th, 2017, 07:42 PM
“With all due respect to Woody Allen’s creative and comic writing genius,” Shula Chernick, who plays Annie, said. “I think our version is much funnier.”
28 New Fiction Books To Add To Your Must-Read List This Fall
September 1st, 2017, 07:42 PM
‘That Myth Is Dead’: MAD Magazine Questions Trump’s America
September 1st, 2017, 07:42 PM
This Is How Museums In And Around Houston Prepared For Harvey
August 30th, 2017, 07:42 PM
‘Alt-Right’ Children’s Book Shelved For Blatantly Copying Pepe The Frog
August 30th, 2017, 07:42 PM
So long "The Adventures of Pepe and Pede." You were, erm, very bigoted and uncreative.
Shona McAndrew Finds The Beauty In Plus-Size Sculptures And Herself
August 29th, 2017, 07:42 PM
With her work on view at the Museum of Sex, the sculptor grapples with body dysmorphia and fear of femininity.
Female Musicians Are Taking The Veil
August 29th, 2017, 07:42 PM
YA Author Accused Of Lying About Credentials And His Native Heritage
August 28th, 2017, 07:42 PM
‘Handbook For Mortals’ Author Accuses YA Community Of Keeping Out New Voices
August 25th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The Married Couple Behind Summer’s Darkest And Weirdest Comedy
August 25th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Janicza Bravo and Brett Gelman's "Lemon" explores white male mediocrity in a truly unsettling indie.
Sci-Fi Magazine Created Entirely By Writers With Disabilities Is Coming
August 23rd, 2017, 07:42 PM
Prepare yourself for "Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction."
Ai Weiwei Is Bringing A Massive Public Art Project To NYC This Fall
August 22nd, 2017, 07:42 PM
Download Your Own Anti-Trump Art Courtesy Of The ‘Broad City’ Ladies
August 21st, 2017, 07:42 PM
Print them, share them, take them to your local demonstration. Repeat.
Artist Explains Grim Magazine Cover Art Featuring Trump In A KKK Hood
August 18th, 2017, 07:42 PM
“He deserves to be wearing that Klan hood."
Instead Of Focusing On Yesterday’s Monuments, Artists Are Building Tomorrow’s
August 18th, 2017, 07:42 PM
A years-long project in Philadelphia called Monument Lab asks, "What monuments would we build to reflect our values as a city?"
Ya Hey, Here Are 50 Words That Define American Regional English
August 18th, 2017, 07:42 PM
24 Books That Will Help You Understand America
August 18th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Buckle up for a literary road trip through the nation’s heartland.
Authors Call On ‘Fellow Jews’ To Decry Trump In Open Letter
August 17th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The literary couple spoke out in the wake of the president's remarks on violence in Charlottesville.
Trump Cares About Irreplaceable Objects, Except When He Doesn’t
August 17th, 2017, 07:42 PM
For someone so concerned with "beautiful statues," Trump seems to have forgotten his own track record with historic artifacts.
Artist Jon Berkeley Explains His Stunning, KKK-Tinged Economist Cover
August 17th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"The supply of weapons-grade lunacy in every corner of the globe seems to have ramped up."
Ring The Alarm, Yayoi Kusama Is Opening Her Own Museum
August 16th, 2017, 07:42 PM
We feel nothing but infinite love for this news.
What Is 'Whataboutism,' And Why Is It Suddenly Everywhere?
August 15th, 2017, 07:42 PM
This Queer Duo Will Wed In Every Country With Same-Sex Marriage For Stunning Project
August 14th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The women want “22" to stand as a "time capsule” for LGBTQ equality.
Fans Are Speaking Up To Save This Super Funny, 'Super Gay' TV Show
August 11th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher have nurtured one of the most inclusive casts and crews on television today.
Why Does The Trump Administration Have Such Terrible Spelling?
August 11th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Michael Moore Tells Broadway Audiences 'We All Live In Flint Now'
August 10th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"I refuse to live in Trump's America," the filmmaker says in his new one-man show.
Full Trailer For Entirely Hand-Painted Film About Van Gogh Is Here
August 9th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Get a glimpse of the gorgeous upcoming biopic exploring Vincent van Gogh's mysterious death.
Ava DuVernay Producing TV Series Based On Octavia Butler's 'Dawn'
August 9th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Legends unite!
LeVar Burton Is Being Sued Over His 'Reading Rainbow' Revival Dreams
August 9th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Turns out he might have been the wrong person to ask for a reboot this whole time.
Bill Murray Moved To Tears Watching 'Groundhog Day' On Broadway
August 9th, 2017, 07:42 PM
It was a night most Murray disciples would gladly relive.
One Of Broadway's Biggest Shows Of The Year Will Close Amid Casting Controversy
August 9th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The Tony Award-winning show will close on Sept. 3.
'Fight Club' Fans Will Love What Chuck Palahniuk Hid In His Old House
August 8th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The current homeowner found a time capsule containing a letter and memorabilia stashed inside a wall.
The Comic Book Industry Officially Has No Excuse Not To Hire Women
August 7th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Thanks to the #VisibleWomen hashtag, which gathers together names and skills of gifted women in the comic book biz.
Alan Peckolick, Revolutionary Typographer, Dies At 76
August 7th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Amy Schumer Is Making Her Broadway Debut This Fall
August 7th, 2017, 07:42 PM
She's playing a married woman with a questionable interest in cannibalism.
At Creativity Explored, Artists With Disabilities Express Their Own Sexuality
August 4th, 2017, 07:42 PM
“Just because someone has a developmental disability doesn’t mean that sense of sexuality is non-existent.”
Great-Grandmothers Tell The Stories Of Their Face Tattoos
August 4th, 2017, 07:42 PM
How A ‘Batman’ Comic Continues To Tell A Relevant, American Story
August 3rd, 2017, 07:42 PM
“The great thing about this myth is it can be done for any age and applied to any era.”
Detroit Asks Whether '67 Summer Was A 'Riot' Or A 'Rebellion'
August 3rd, 2017, 07:42 PM
The city's cultural institutions are still reckoning with that summer, half a century later.
Before ‘Lolita,’ There Was Salvador Dalí‘s Eerily Similar ‘Dullita’
August 2nd, 2017, 07:42 PM
Did the surrealist artist inspire the twisted literary classic?
How The Heroine Of 'Ella Enchanted' (Accidentally) Became A Feminist Icon
August 2nd, 2017, 07:42 PM
Oh Sweet Joy, The 'Sweet Valley High' Books Are Getting A Movie Adaptation
August 1st, 2017, 07:42 PM
Time to revisit your favorite identical twins with aquamarine eyes.
Meet The 18-Year-Old Artist Now Showing In The Museum Of Sex
July 31st, 2017, 07:42 PM
Harlem-based Taira Rice creates watercolor portraits of naked women of color.
New Yorker Cartoonist Shares Comic Ideas That Didn't Make The Cut
July 28th, 2017, 07:42 PM
How Peaches Became A Pop Culture 'Fetish'
July 27th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Both Selena Gomez and Lana Del Rey recently made reference to the fleshy fruit. But why?
The World Of Sensual Animation, Where Cartoons Are Sexier Than Real Life
July 26th, 2017, 07:42 PM
A Sketch By Donald Trump Is Headed To Auction, Really
July 25th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The 2005 drawing depicts New York's skyline with -- surprise, surprise -- Trump Tower front and center.
The Dance-Comedy Trio Of Your Wildest Dreams
July 24th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Salvador Dalí’s Mustache Is In Tip-Top Shape, Exhumation Shows
July 21st, 2017, 07:42 PM
The artist's iconic facial hair is still, 28 years after his death, "like on a clock face."
50 Years On, Living In The Museum Is Still Kids' Ultimate Fantasy
July 20th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The Met shares its trove of adorable letters inspired by the beloved children's book “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.”
Junot Díaz Wrote A Kid's Book So His Goddaughters Could Feel Represented
July 19th, 2017, 07:42 PM
He said they longed for "stories that resonated for them and included them."
Pulitzer Prize Winner Tony Kushner Is Writing A Play About Trump
July 19th, 2017, 07:42 PM
"I think he is seriously mentally ill, and the fact that he is in the White House is very frightening."
'Doctor Who' And The Sheer Power Of Women-Led Sci-Fi Franchises
July 19th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Fantasy and sci-fi promise limitless imagination. A litany of white, male franchise leads do not.
Becoming Jane: How Austen Transformed Into A Chick Lit Icon
July 18th, 2017, 07:42 PM
New Yorker Cartoonist Breaks Down His Scathing Trump Takedowns
July 18th, 2017, 07:42 PM
Tom Toro tells us how to create a political cartoon in 2017 while retaining some semblance of sanity.
Thank Reed Morano For The Nightmarish Beauty Of 'Handmaid's Tale'
July 13th, 2017, 07:42 PM
The show earned an impressive 13 Emmy nods, one of which could go to Morano.
Sci-Fi Queen Octavia Butler Was Her Own Greatest Cheerleader
July 12th, 2017, 07:42 PM
“My books will be read by millions of people!" she wrote in a journal entry.
Mr. Monk And The Unexpected Hit Television Series
July 12th, 2017, 07:42 PM
'Broad City' Star Used To Sneak Her Own Art Into MoMA's Gift Shop
July 10th, 2017, 07:42 PM
How The Strand Has Made Indie Bookselling Look Easy -- For 90 Years
July 6th, 2017, 07:42 PM