The Oxonian Review
May 24th, 2017, 02:01 AM
Erin Hughes Kitchen Posing Backseat Driver Studio Vanity Time I use a combination of commercial images and DIY materials to make collages or installations that look curiously at our implied domesticated desires. Upcoming exhibition: Fake Sardines, a group exhibition, 3rd June, 18-19 Crimscott Street, London, SE1 5TE, where I will be showing a large-scale wall […]
Doctorow’s Last Class
May 23rd, 2017, 02:01 AM
Toby Lloyd Once, while I was a graduate student at New York University, learning the dubious craft of Creative Writing, I attended a party where I was introduced to a young man whom I was told was “also a writer”, with the idea, presumably, that we would get along. He was earning his Masters up […]
May 21st, 2017, 02:01 AM
Hugh Foley In psephological darkness—by which I mean barely being able to see it through the pebbles that have buried us— Let’s proposition the sky. Sound it out on the prospect of its being our lover. I fear I may have lost you By this point. I was unflappable for a long time about making […]
Nipple Rings and Astrolabes in Woodstock, Alabama
May 18th, 2017, 02:01 AM
Lili Hamlyn S-Town Dir. Brian Reed, 2017 A spoiler-free review             My mother was born and raised in Arkansas, in a smallish town not too far from the Mississippi River. It’s about fifty miles from Dyess, where Jonny Cash was born, and about sixty miles from West Memphis, where Damion […]
May 17th, 2017, 02:01 AM
Dina T.              ~   Dina T. works in Glasgow and London. Her Twitter is here.
Russian Revolution Redux
May 16th, 2017, 02:01 AM
Martin Lohrer   Russian Revolution: Hope Tragedy Myths Until 29 Aug 2017 The British Library             A new major exhibition at the British Library aims to enlighten the British public (and stray tourists) on a subject-matter that popular amnesia has long relegated to the mythical past – the Russian Revolution of 1917. […]
Gender Ghosts
May 15th, 2017, 02:01 AM
Kaj Worth I never did think that my own conundrum was a matter either of science or of social convention. I thought it was a matter of the spirit, a kind of divine allegory, and that explanations of it were not very important anyway. Jan Morris, Conundrum Contemporary writing on gender knows to take mysticism […]
Rappers, Signified
May 11th, 2017, 02:01 AM
Owen Duff Signifying Rappers: Rap and Race in the Urban Present Mark Costello & David Foster Wallace Penguin, 2013 (1st ed. Back Bay Books, 1990) 176 pp. £8.99                 Here is a certain stereotyped account of the average lifespan of a given pop act. A given pop act comes […]
Inky Chaos
May 10th, 2017, 02:01 AM
Dina T. ~ Dina T. works in Glasgow and London. Her Twitter is here. 
Europa On Trial?
May 9th, 2017, 02:01 AM
Sasha Dovzhyk The Trial: The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov Dir. Askold Kurov, 2017               Someone must have been telling lies about Joseph K., for without having done anything wrong he was arrested one fine morning. And so begins Franz Kafka’s famous novel, The Trial (1925), deliberately referenced […]